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"I’m the luckiest guy at the LA Phil gala tribute to John Williams. Here in a photo booth with some amazing LA power women: from left to right — Supervisor Gloria Molina, Gail Samuel, Stana Katic and Julie Knabe. ” (x)

7x02 - Montreal - Sneak Peek


Castle 7x02 “Montreal” - Sneak Peek

I think that capture right there should be enough of a warning, yeah?


100 bucks says that these two are constantly judging Castle in 7x02

doesn’t need description really

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"What about the wedding - did he have any misgivings?"

"I just want to understand."

Actress Stana Katic attends the LA Philharmonic’s Walt Disney Concert Hall Opening Night Concert and Gala at Walt Disney Concert Hall on September 30, 2014 

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“Touch has a memory”

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Stana Katic shows some Skin arriving at LA Philharmonic’s Opening Night Concert and Gala


I mentioned earlier today that, out of the blue, I realized that Serbian girl I went to high school with was Stana Katic. In case someone doesn’t believe me, I dug an old yearbook out of my basement.